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Our History

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A Look Back

Born in the barn of founder and company president, Bill Deavers, Loud & Clear, Inc. has served as a provider of event production for nearly 30 years. What started as small speakers built in that barn, has become a full scale of arena quality sound, lights and video. But the desire and heart has not changed from the meager beginnings. Providing the best for the clients we serve.

As the needs of our clientele grew, so did our ability to provide. Loud & Clear, Inc. carries product from the industry leaders in the field. From full L’Acoustics line array systems, to Avid Profile consoles. Source 4 conventional lighting to Mac Vipers and Hog 4 consoles.

With a host of staging and roofing options and a growing video department capable of live video feeds, recording and pre and post production, L&C is advancing and growing.

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Looking Forward

While L&C is proud of what we have accomplished in our 30 years in the industry, we are not satisfied with standing still. We are constantly evolving and growing. Learning and advancing so that we can provide the best for the clients we serve.

We have an amazing team of skilled and creative people who are constantly taking new ground in what they are capable of. This is allowing Loud & Clear, Inc. to step forward into new arenas as well as grow the departments we already have.

Services such as event management, sound imaging and graphics and video production are in the works as we speak. Our installations department is also growing. We offer a free inspection and evaluation of your space so we can put together a comprehensive quote for what best serves your room.

Keep an eye on Loud & Clear, Inc. as we take steps into new realms that serve you.