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“Service Starts With Servant Hearts”

It takes a servant heart to know a servant heart.

At Loud and Clear, when we’re not providing the best in production services to some of the biggest events in the country, we’re taking the time to serve and give back in our communities, our schools, and our churches.

Spend some time with some of our team, and you’ll find stories of people who, after just returning from weeks on the road during a long, grueling concert tour, are there bright and early on a Sunday morning to run sound, play and lead on worship teams, or repair broken equipment for their local churches simply to give back with the gifts they’ve been given.

It’s the very servant heart of our teams at Loud and Clear that allows us to remain acutely aware of the ever changing and growing needs churches and their staffs constantly face when trying to keep up with all of the latest technologies in audio, video, and multimedia that now make up the typical contemporary Sunday Worship service, and faithfully fulfill those needs.

Loud and Clear has been instrumental in tailoring the needs of hundreds of churches in the country for over two decades now.  From the beginning seeds of a new fledgling church plant, to the largest, more established churches, Loud and Clear is capable of meeting your specific needs to have your message heard, seen, and felt like never before.

Loud and Clear….. A Servant Heart In Worship Arts….

We have a host of options for churches. Whether you need a brand new lighting system or you need to rent a video camera for your Christmas Pageant. We’ve got you covered.