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Sales & Installations


The Sales & Installations department has been working to provide arenas, churches, schools and other companies with quality products & installations for all their production needs. We want to give you the best you can get that fits your budget and your technical skill set.

Our L&C Sales & Installations technicians will come in and give you a full analysis of your space. Once that analysis is done, we can then put together options that will best serve your space. Audio systems, lighting rigs, projectors and video screens. We can provide a full spectrum of services for your needs. Once you have chosen what is right for you and your budget, our technicians come in, install the system and give you the needed training to operate it.

Whether you have an existing space, are retrofitting a new space or are just about to break ground, we can help you create exactly the space you need.

Preferred Manufacturers

  • L’Acoustics
  • Avid
  • Midas
  • Behringer
  • Shure
  • Martin
  • Elation
  • High End
  • Absen
  • Canon
  • and more…

Contact us and let us come out for a free analysis.

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