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The Team

Servant Leadership:

That is the goal of every Loud and Clear employee. From the top down, we serve as a team together and find that when we serve each other, the product is better. That means increased effectiveness and quality for all of our clients. Learn More Here…

Strategic Leadership Team
  • Bill Deavers President & Owner
  • Todd Bucher VP for Business Development
  • Steve Lagemann VP for Production
Sales Team
  • Eric Cimini Production Manager
  • Kathryn Scott Production Assistant

  • Nate Schneider Production Assistant
  • Brian Carrigg Production Assistant
Warehouse Team
  • Doug O'Connor Asset Manager
  • Ross Henson Warehouse Assistant
  • Mike Myers Warehouse Manager
  • Mike Massie CDL Driver
  • Richard Raines Head of Manufacturing
Production Team
  • Peyton weems Stage & Roof Technician
  • Colin Johnson Video Technician
  • Marc Patrick Lighting Technician
  • Neal Roby Stage & Roof Technician
  • Nick Thieme Audio Department Head
  • Tairus Cohill Stage & Roof Technician
Administration Team
  • Lisa Mansoor Inventory Specialist
  • Rachael Stemple Receptionist
  • Brad Bettinger General Manager
  • Brad Pierce Accounting Assistant