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Loud & Clear, Inc. provides professional services to make sure that your political event is well taken care of and your candidate is represented well. Whether you need a small PA and podium for a public announcement, or you are doing a full production TV event, we’ve got what you need. We have years of experience with local government all the way to presidential coverage. Trust us to bring professional care to your political event.


While Loud & Clear, Inc employees have their own political views and leanings, we as a company respects the opinions and views of all regardless of political affiliation. We do not discriminate or refuse work based on party lines or views.

Political Credits

  • President Trump Tri-State Visits
  • Hillary Clinton Tri-State Visits
  • President Obama Tri-State Visits
  • President Bush Tri-State Visits
  • Ohio Governor Inauguration
  • Ohio Governor Kasich
  • Mitt Romney